PERFORMAXE – The First-Ever Electric Guitar Leg Rest

Why Performaxe?

Sometimes we forget how uncomfortable a guitar can be.
“That’s the way it is…”
, we say to ourselves.

This is especially true during practice time: We hunch over the guitar, tilt the pelvis by crossing the legs or using a footrest, or exhaust one shoulder with a strap. At times the posture is just unbearable, we lose concentration and we need to rest.

All this, just to reach all the frets.

But this annoying discomfort is unnecessary when you have Performaxe

It firmly connects to your guitar, effectively modifying the shape of the body and thus improving its ergonomics and your comfort.

You’ll never need to assume any uncomfortable positions, your back is finally straight, your wrists are relaxed and you can reach all the frets with ease.



Find your ideal position

By positioning PERFORMAXE in different ways beneath your guitar, you can choose how it rests on your left or right leg, its height, and its lateral position.

Dozens of configurations are possible:

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

Works with any electric guitar


PERFORMAXE can accomodate in several positions any guitar model ranging from 2.5 cm to 6.0 cm in thickness
(It is also perfectly symmetrical so it works just as fine with left-handed guitars).


Thanks to a sturdy continuous system of width setting, you can set your PERFORMAXE to any size in its range to perfectly fit your guitar

What PERFORMAXE will do for you

Improved posture and comfort, without strap

You can play with your back straight and reach all frets with relaxed wrists.
All of this with no need to wear a strap while you sit

More pleasant and more effective practice

Your body won’t need a break every 15 minutes.
You’ll play with more concentration and practice more effectively.

Better standing performances

Many guitarists even practice upright to avoid disorientation when playing live, but with PERFORMAXE you’ll feel the difference between sitting and standing positions far less.

No more difficult guitars

Think of that guitar you rarely play because it’s not that comfortable. Maybe it’s a Les Paul but you are used to Strats.  You can have all your oddly-shaped guitars in the same position as your regular ones—yes, even a Flying V!

Five seconds setup

Just lay it under your guitar and tighten it with the knob.
Within five seconds, it’ll be as though your guitar had changed it’s shape into a more comfortable one.

Pretty and durable

PERFORMAXE has an elegant-looking all-aluminum design, but it’s sturdy like a rack case.
You could literally throw it from a third-floor balcony and it would still work fine.
After all, it’s a tool you’ll rely on for years, I wouldn’t waste your time with plastic junk.

Ultra reliable

No staggering, no annoying detachments, and no risk of scratching the guitar: it will only be in contact with a thick layer of high-performance and ultra-durable technical rubber.

About me and the birth of  PERFORMAXE

My name is Giuseppe Motta. My friends call me Jay.

I’ve been a passionate guitar student for over 15 years, with a focus on rock and fusion. I’ve also been teaching guitar for about 5 years.

When I decided I wanted to practice more comfortably, I built a contraption that worked well enough for me. I used it happily for years and played for 6-8 hours a day, sometimes 12, without discomfort.

It ended up being so effective that friends who tried it told me I should sell it. A couple of them even wanted to buy mine even though it looked DIY and only worked on my guitar.

Five years later, I decided to redesign it. Fast forward another year and I’d made 34 prototypes before finding a solution that was aesthetically appealing, worked for most guitars, and boasted durability.

Now I’m here, willing to make other guitarists experience the same comfort.

What Do They Say

Professionals and amateurs alike love PERFORMAXE.
Here’s what guitarists who tested a
prototype had to say about it:

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

“I can finally lean comfortably. The guitar feels like it’s unplayable when you remove PERFORMAXE.”

Luca Biscotto
Professional guitarist – Guitar teacher

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

“My guitar is simply more comfortable now.”

Alessandro Piovanelli
Experienced guitarist

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

“Now I can’t play my guitar without being conscious of how uncomfortable it is”

Paolo Pianezzola
Audio Engineer – Guitar enthusiast

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

“This is addictive, you can’t play without it once you try it”

Federico Brian
Guitar enthusiast

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

“This will be a huge success. Everybody should play with PERFORMAXE.”

Mauro Marchelle
Physioterapist – Guitar enthusiast

playing with the electric guitar leg rest

“This is probably the only piece of gear that your mother would gladly lend you money for just because she loves you.”

Giuseppe Malinconico
Multi instrumentalist,
singer and piano teacher

“Performaxe does actually move the guitar enough to avoid arching my back”

Gabriele from Alibi Service
Guitarist and Audio Engineer

“If you run put on your sneakers. If you’re cold put on your gloves. If you want to study effectively and comfortably use Performaxe.”

Luca Seraglio
Professional Guitarist – Composer

How do I get a PERFORMAXE?

I will launch a Kickstarter campaign in early 2018.

The bigger the batch, the lower the cost per unit. If I reach my goal, PERFORMAXE will be about the price of a single guitar lesson, but it will impact your music for so much longer.

If you subscribe to the waiting list, I can notify you a couple of days before I launch the Kickstarter—that way, you’ll able to obtain PERFORMAXE for the best possible “early bird” price.

Still on the fence?

You have nothing to lose. If you subscribe to the waiting list you will have no obligations when the Kickstarter is launched. But you’ll have the opportunity to obtain PERFORMAXE at a discounted price only available for the first few pieces.

That’s it, you’ll just help me figure out what I can expect from the crowdfunding, while reserving for you the advantages of the first in line.

One Share Is A Big Help

Me (left) and my best friend

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Maybe one of them really needs Performaxe and will be
grateful to you for making him discover it!